Volition is an established PVE guild on Shadowlands that began on the Mind Trick server back in December, 2011. We are looking for apps who love to raid to join our squad.

Here is a basic outline of what we are looking for in an applicant and what you can expect out of us.

• Raid Times:
Raid invites start at 9:30pm EST, We raid until 12:00am EST, 3 days a week, Mon/Wed/Fri. It is VERY important that you can attend all of these raids. We need applicants who will log on and stay on not for just an hour but the whole raid, and can be online for the required days. We are looking for full time raiders. In the event that you unable to make it, please be sure to post in our absence thread on the forum.

• Attitude:
If you don’t have a good raiding attitude, do not apply. Come prepared with necessary gear, stims, and med-packs. Wipes are an inevitability of breaking into new content, be willing to suck it up and come back with more determination then before. Own up to your own mistakes, everyone makes them. It often happens but own up to it and try and avoid it the second time around. Listen, learn, and be prepared to adjust, take and offer constructive criticism. We do not want players who will just whine, moan and groan every time we wipe or fail to get a target. Volition is looking for dedicated players who are willing to stay till the end, give their best and put in that little extra effort to make us successful.

• Being an applicant:
This part isn’t all fun and games. We expect you to show up, on time, and ready to raid on the nights we raid. You will receive raid attendance for the raid even if you are not in it (if we are full) as long as you stay online. In the event that you do not get into the raid group, it would be in your best interest to park your main outside of the zone in, and be on an alt until you are asked to join the raid.

• Gear:
We DO expect you to have adequate gear, it will prove to us that you put some effort into making your character well geared for your current or future specs. That being said, we also will go the extra mile to get you geared enough to be doing cutting edge content. You may not have the gear yet to run HM EC for example, but we will get you into as many raids as we can to get you the gear to rock in the main raid. We do understand that part of wanting to join a raiding guild is the gear, and it will come eventually. During the application process membered raiders receive priority, but a lot of gear defaults to applicants. (Members-> Applicants -> Raid used Offspecs <-> Alts -> Companions). Working as part of the team should be priority over what gear you get next. Gear isn’t everything; your attitude, contribution, and skill are more important for us. If you feel as though you can be an exceptional addition to our guild, but your gear is slightly below par, please apply still.

• Skill:
We are looking for players who learn quickly, have good reflexes, and have a good understanding of their class.

• Experience:
It helps if you have some experience with the current end game content raids, however, if you don’t, please still apply with us. We are always willing to teach new things and help you learn encounters, for the right players.

• Communications:
We, as a guild use a mumble server, and it is required that you are able to listen to it during raid times, not only to hear strategies but also give feedback.

• Misc:
We are a mature guild with the majority of our players over the age of 21. We are all adults and as such sometimes conversations can get out of hand. If you are easily offended by mature content, then this guild may not be for you. Since we are all adults, we generally try to be respectful of each other and each gender. Explicit language is okay, but being crude to the point of being offensive is usually not tolerated and should be kept to private channels. A lack of respect and inability to be tactful can have a negative impact on your application review.

GM: Aza’zael
Officers: Saberz, Byt, Meridaa, E'on, Kantjil

If, after reading all of this, you are still interested in applying, fill out the application and get in contact with any of the names above to introduce yourself.
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